Preview: Me & Mike

There are, I think, two truisms that deserve to be noted before we start. The first is that new writing…

The Art of Our Time

In the Oberkassel area of Düsseldorf’s district 4, on the west side of the river Rhine, stands a rather remarkable…

Warhol in fresh light

Warhol, armed with hundred dollars’ worth of change, took Ethel Scull to a photobooth and shot image after image after image.

An odorous tone of graveness

A crewmember’s dreadful boast (uttered in the smoking area of Cellar): this is ‘sort of the BNOC play for this term’.

An escape into lostness

Walking down the street away from the cinema, I was almost overwhelmed with a disconcerting haze of claustrophobia.

An artist’s obsessions

The Barbican Centre, that gargantuan, sprawling labyrinth of brutalism, has been an intriguing space ever since it opened its doors…