Peer-reviewed articles

‘The Wayback Machine: Notes on a Re-Enchantment’, Archival Science 21.1 (March 2021), pp. 43-57

‘Seeing Double: The Subject of Vision in Lee Friedlander’s Self-Portraiture’, Photographies 13.3 (2020), pp. 323–339

‘The Visible Aspect of Things: Towards a Synchronic Reading of Donald Barthelme’, European Journal of American Studies 13.2 (Summer 2018)

Online exhibitions & creative non-fiction

‘9,763 Red Boxes’, The Courtauld: Digital Media (29 January 2021) or listen to the audio version

‘Pepys and the Plague’, Wellcome Collection (31 March 2020)

‘Tesla, Quacks, and Violet Rays’, Wellcome Collection (3 December 2019)

Book chapters

Donald Barthelme at Sorbonne University: Narrative, Internet Memes, and “The Rise of Capitalism”, in Contemporary American Fiction in the European Classroom, edited by Laurence W. Mazzeno & Sue Norton (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022), pp. 117–133.

Book reviews

A History of Art History by Christopher S. Wood, reviewed in Make: A Literary Magazine (January 2022)

Photography Off the Scale: Technologies and Theories of the Mass Image edited by Tomáš Dvořák and Jussi Parikka, reviewed in Science Museum Group Journal 16 (Autumn 2021)

A History of Reading by Steven Roger Fischer, reviewed in Make: A Literary Magazine (March 2020)

Postmortal Society: Towards a Sociology of Immortality edited by Michael Hviid Jacobsen, reviewed in Philosophy in Review 40.1 (February 2020)

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