Peer-reviewed articles

‘The Wayback Machine: Notes on a Re-Enchantment’, Archival Science 21.1 (March 2021), pp. 43-57

‘Seeing Double: The Subject of Vision in Lee Friedlander’s Self-Portraiture’, Photographies 13.3 (2020), pp. 323–339

‘The Visible Aspect of Things: Towards a Synchronic Reading of Donald Barthelme’, European Journal of American Studies 13.2 (Summer 2018)

Online exhibitions & creative non-fiction

‘9,763 Red Boxes’, The Courtauld: Digital Media (29 January 2021)

‘Pepys and the Plague’, Wellcome Collection (31 March 2020)

‘Tesla, Quacks, and Violet Rays’, Wellcome Collection (3 December 2019)

Book reviews

A History of Art History by Christopher S. Wood, reviewed in Make: A Literary Magazine (forthcoming)

A History of Reading by Steven Roger Fischer, reviewed in Make: A Literary Magazine (March 2020)

Postmortal Society: Towards a Sociology of Immortality edited by Michael Hviid Jacobsen, reviewed in Philosophy in Review 40.1 (February 2020)

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