Why do gallery visitors have no bodies?

When walking around a gallery we must ask ourselves which is more valuable, image or experience itself?

A bold and unapologetic production

Much to the delight of you and I, the Oxford theatre scene is full of first-evers. Last Hilary, the first-ever student production of Nick Payne’s Constellations was staged at the O’Reilly Theatre. In Michaelmas came the first production of Nick Dear’s Frankenstein since its original run at the National Theatre in 2011. Earlier this term,Continue reading “A bold and unapologetic production”

The birth of modernism: a journey in innovation

The Special Exhibition gallery in the Ashmolean is a significant space. Last year it housed over a hundred pieces by Andy Warhol, in an important exhibition that marked the first time many of the works had been exhibited in public. Yet, whilst significant, it is by no means an enormous space, especially if an exhibitionContinue reading “The birth of modernism: a journey in innovation”

Simply a mishandled film

Jackie largely concerns itself with the four days immediately after the JFK assassination. But the film’s structural conceit is that it frames these days through a meeting with journalist Theodore H. White (though he is never named in the film), who is writing a piece on the former First Lady for Life magazine. Scenes ofContinue reading “Simply a mishandled film”